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How We Work

First and most importantly, I am not a payroll solution, I am a payroll service consultant meaning I can give your clients informed expert knowledge on a number of payroll solutions currently on the market. I appreciate at this time you are most probably getting a lot of calls and enquiries from your clients in regards to how IR35 may affect them, as well as many companies contacting you offering their services and I am sure this will be taking up your precious time. This is where I can help, I am not looking to just place people into these payroll solutions, but instead my aim is to communicate with them to ensure they are utilising the right service and they have a full understanding of the different systems and solutions in the market. I am offering a collaborative approach to working with you as opposed to working for you. I want to work as an extension to your company, offering my expertise in the ever changing and evolving world of payroll solutions.

You may question why I am different to others? What can I offer that others can’t? Well for me it is simple, I care about the clients and I feel a sense of achievement knowing that I have introduced them to a solution that enables them to take home as much of their hard-earned money as possible.

What can your company gain from working with me?
With a well-run fully compliant solution your contractors can take near limited company returns anywhere between 68- 78%.