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About Us

About Our Paywise

I'm George Zambartas,
CEO of PayWise Consulting
About Us

Who Are We?

We are payroll professionals Who have gained a wealth of experience over the past 20 years. We work with some of the most prestigious solutions companies in the UK and because we're independent, we can bring you the best Deals.

What We Do

Taking our vast experience we have aligned ourselves with the best solutions on the market, with whom we have constant dialogue and match your requirements with the perfect solution for YOU based on your needs.
We monitor and check all the solutions making sure they stay compliant with any changes from HMRC making sure the solution remains compliant throughout the tenure.
We have access to top QC's, accountants, solicitors and former HMRC officials with whom we can check facts, legalities and rumours and report back directly to you, the customer.


Years of Experience


Happy Customers


Industry Experts


Qualified Staffs


What is Paywise Consultancy?

  • Paywise is an independent Payroll consultant
  • Paywise matches the correct solution to the contractor
  • Paywise has independent links with all the major providers of high integrity compliant payroll solutions
  • Paywise loyalties are with you the self-employed, Contractors and freelancer
  • Paywise has 27 years’ experience in the industry
  • Paywise has placed 1000’s of Contractors on the solutions over many years

Company Mission Statement

To bring to the full attention of all contractors, self-employed and freelance workers the full and various forms of Tax Relief that are available

Our Motto

You can’t save tax……. But you can become a more knowledgeable Tax Payer, it’s not a case of avoiding taxes, it’s a matter of calculating what you actually owe.

Why Choose Us?

  • We do not run any solutions. We're independent and free to to have open discussions
  • We pick and choose only the best solutions in the market and match you directly to that solution
  • We have several different plans for you to choose from
  • You can change between plans at any stage
  • Our USP is that we will monitor all HMRC news, changes and rumours, we speak to the solution owners daily insuring full compliancy at every stage.
  • We have several different plans for you to choose from
  • We put you the customer first and have absolute allegiance with you not the solutions


  • Take home MORE of your invoice value (ex. VAT)
  • Take Home MORE pay compared to most umbrella companies
  • We have several different plans for you to choose from
  • Inside or outside IR35, doesn't matter
  • Same day payment
  • Matched payment cycles (weekly, monthly)
  • Zero set up fees and zero joining/leaving fees
  • No need for keeping receipts and purchases (petrol/sustenance etc.)
  • Flexibility of Plans
  • Ask us about Estate Planning- don't pay unnecessary probate or taxes in the event of your death
  • We can refer you to mortgages brokers

Focused On Customer Satisfaction

“He takes his business very seriously and surprisingly he’s one of the very few that is truly customer focused. After I joined, he blew me away with his efficiency and genuine concern about customer satisfaction. I've been his client ever since.”

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